Sunday, 10 January 2010

Carousel muffins

I made these at work the other day in a fit of experimentalism. I started with a basic muffin mix and added Butterscotch toffee flavour coffee syrup, marshmallows and chunks of white and milk chocolate. I'm not sure where you can buy the coffee syrup, i used it because i work in a cafe which is handy, it makes the tops go all sticky and sweet and crunchy. Golden syrup could be used as a substitute. marshamallows to use either flumps cut into cubes for their colour, or the big toasting white ones which are better quality. Mix the additional ingredients in the bowl first and then add the muffin ingredients.

Muffin recipe.

3/4 cup milk
2 large eggs
1 cup granulated suger
1 cup white self raising flour
1 cup wholewheat self raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
(1/2 cup oil due to coffee syrup you can probably eliminate this as the mixture might get too wet)

mix the wet ingredients together along with the marshmallows, chocolate and syrup. Add the suger and then the flour and baking powder. Dont over mix as the mixture can get too runny. Pour into greased muffin trays. This recipe makes 4 large or 6 small muffins. bake in a preheated oven at 180' for 25 mins. When cool, dust with a bit of icing suger. Yum!!

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