Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas plushies.

Here are some stuffed toys I made for Christmas this year.They are (left to right) gray cat, black sheep and Japanese monkey. Unfortunately I cannot lay claim to inventing them, although I did customise them slightly. I followed this book 'Cute Dolls' by Aranzi Aronzo, to be found in Magma at full price and on Amazon at about a fiver. Not only is it impossibly cute, the instructions are suitable for dummies and the projects are all basic and easy to adapt and customise. I gave the cat a gingham dress and appliqued felt heart, the monkey acquired a tuxedo and I tied bows around a couple of them. This is handy to hide the sloppy sewing that joins the head and body ah ha! The only problem is jersy fabric is IMPOSSIBLE!! I hand sewed them and this was a big mistake, its slippy and stretchy and generally tricky, best use a machine. My little sister loved her sheep so much she went to bed with it after opening it on christmas day.

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  1. these are quite should relly keep going with them, its loadsa fun...